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Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions are applicable from October 1, 2008. All previous Terms and Conditions are to be disregarded.
  2. Provisions for the member account by iAgencyNet on the members agree to accept the Terms and Conditions. By signing up, members are required to accept and understand the Terms & Conditions and the existing provisions. Please read and know all the Terms & Conditions in iAgencyNet and the online gaming websites that we provide. We encourage you to read and understand all the Terms and Conditions before making your bets and periodically read the Terms and conditions at any online gaming websites that we provide.
  3. iAgencyNet reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions any time deemed necessary. Any changes will be published on the website.
  4. All online gaming accounts opened by the members through us (service provider) will be deemed active; although in some countries these website addresses are blocked and deem to be inaccessible because of the existing regulations in each country. We also have the right of any reason not to grant access to the member in certain countries.
  5. To start having an online gaming account, you must first “Register” a member account with iAgencyNet. All personal information will be kept private and confidential.
  6. The minimum age to “Register” as a member via iAgencyNet is 18 years and iAgencyNet is not liable for applicants that are underage.
  7. The minimum initial deposit required for the opening of the various online gaming accounts is $100 each. This amount varies with the currency that you wish to use for transactions with iAgencyNet.
  8. Each member is responsible for maintaining their USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  9. Each member is responsible for providing their latest information with iAgencyNet. This is especially so for your email address and bank account.
  10. Each member must agree to the Terms and Conditions by the various online gaming websites before making a bet.
  11. Any request for the transfer of funds can only be done via your registered member account with iAgencyNet.
  12. The minimum amount thereafter for each deposit and withdrawal made to the stated bank account is $100. This amount varies with the currency that you wish to use for transactions with iAgencyNet. (Withdrawal amounts are integer based Eg. remaining amount in account $352, maximum withdrawal will be $350)
  13. Deposits can be made any time of the day and will be processed after confirmation from our staff via email.
  14. All deposit requires multiple verification (Eg. Deposit Slip, Screenshot of Transaction) if necessary to avoid any mishandling of iAgencyNet member’s fund.
  15. All deposit made via local cash deposit machine REQUIRES further security verification with official and valid cash deposit receipt. Any deposit without official receipt will be put on hold until the deposit has been verified.
  16. All deposit made via online banking fund transfer REQUIRES double security verification of the screenshot of the specific fund transfer transaction that matches iAgencyNet online banking statement.
  17. Withdrawals can only be made from Monday to Saturday. Upon receiving your withdrawal instruction, verifications period of not more than 24 hours will be made before the requested amount could be deposited into your nominated bank account registered with iAgencyNet.
  18. For security reasons, iAgencyNet has the right to disable accounts which are inactive for 1 month and accounts with a zero balance.
  19. Where any term of stated herein have not been fulfilled by eligible account holders, are breached, abused or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to a deposit bonus or any other promotional offer resulted in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, reserves the right to withhold, cancel or reclaim the bonus plus all winnings.
  20. Win Limits: The maximum winnings which may be won online per day by an individual for Casino, Slot Games, Jackpot, Sportbook and other games are SGD50,000; MYR100,000 or RMB200,000.
  21. iAgencyNet Management reserves the right to refuse membership and suspend members who do not comply with the applicable Terms & Conditions or the Rules & Regulations.
  22. Terms and Conditions are published in several languages with the translation into other languages made in good faith. If there are any errors or difference in interpretation, the Terms and Conditions in the English version will be the reference.
  23. All betting rules have to be followed by each online gaming website which we represent and accordingly to the country where you place your bets.

To access and utilise the listed Gaming Sites, the Member must be over the age of 18 or the legal age required in the Member’s jurisdiction, whichever is the greater.

Copyright © iAgencyNet. All Rights Reserved.

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